Cathodes Maintenance

Cathodes Maintenance

IsaKidd™ cathode plates and handling equipment deliver the best fit for purpose in the mining. 

We provide first-level maintenance to our products. To carry out our maintenance work, we have a line with modern machinery and the highest technological level. Our teams know every detail of the permanent cathodes, so we guarantee quality work with our expert seal.

We take care of:

We have one of the most modern comprehensive maintenance lines in the country, which allows us to fully recover damaged license plates or those that require replacement.

We mechanize and automate the process of stripping and copper sorting.

Thanks to our comprehensive line of cathodes maintenance, we restore the plate to its optimal operating condition with our polishing process that recovers its verticality and condition so that our customers can continue using them.

Our traceability system allows us to know «the life of the cathode», generating as a metric the number of times it has been intervened in maintenance so that the client can have relevant information at sight that can positively impact their processes and cost control.

The system has been developed using heavy-duty labels that are backed by the 3M brand.

It also allows scanning with mobile equipment, which makes it easy to have the information at all times.

We have the technology to protect the plate with the application of a patented protective resin that improves the durability and performance of the plate.

Our process allows the plate to be recovered, completely replacing the affected part with a plate segment welded with the highest precision, which allows it to return to its original operating properties, contributing positively to generating savings for our clients.

Our integral cathode maintenance system allows the plates to remain in a 100% operational condition after passing through our maintenance lines.

In the ICL group we have robotic peeling machines (MDC) in the stages of feeding, selection and formation of cathode packages.

We are experts in Plate Refurbishment and Repairs

We are experts in Plate Refurbishment and Repairs​

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